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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

50,000+ Job Opportunites In 28 Firms

Thursday will likely bring a renewed look at the US labor market. We'll continue to look for initial claims for unemployment to drop as a signal that the job's market it stabilizing. Remember as the economy recovers, it is usually the jobs market that is the last indicator to turn the corner.

Even admidst the downturn, you'll recall back in late January our list of jobs, jobs, and more jobs and last month our coverage on "recession-proof jobs."

But this week our hat is off to Fortune who expanded those observations with research on 28 Fortune 100 companies. That data produced a longer list of new career opportunities...

So if you are feeling blue about the job market right now, take a deep breath and read on. Here are 28 top US firms that are hiring aggressively right now...

1. Wal-Mart Stores - Retail
Headquarters: Bentonville, AR
Number of job openings: 6,000+
What they're looking for: Skills as store managers, human resource managers, pharmacists, customer service associates and cashiers.

2. Hewlett-Packard - Computers
Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA
Number of job openings: 150+
What they're looking for: Skills in information technology, human resources, research and development, marketing, finance and administration.

3. Bank of America Corp. - Banking
Headquarters: Charlotte, NC
Number of job openings: 1,860
What they're looking for: Skills in consumer banking, small business banking, credit cards, home loans, global banking, wealth management, technology, human resources, finance, communications, marketing and administration.

4. State Farm Insurance Cos. - Insurance
Headquarters: Bloomington, IL
Number of job openings: 800+
What they're looking for: Skills in sales, claims and underwriting, finance, accounting and legal.

5. WellPoint - Healthcare
Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
Number of job openings: 1,225
What they're looking for: WellPoint is hiring health outreach specialists, nurse case managers, accountants, actuaries, claims representatives, customer care representatives, enrollment and billing representatives, account managers, marketing managers, business analysts and sales assistants.

6. Boeing - Aviation
Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Number of job openings: 2,400
What they're looking for: Positions are available in areas such as engineering, finance, communications, contracts, intellectual property, information systems, program and project management, operations, quality, marketing, supplier management and supplier quality, legal, business development and some administrative and support positions.

7. Microsoft - Software
Headquarters: Redmond, WA
Number of job openings: 630+
What they're looking for: Positions are available in marketing, software development, customer service, information technology, operations, program management, small and medium business sales, software testing, administrative services, operations, user assistance and education, game design, content publishing, marketing communications, legal and finance.

8. MetLife - Insurance
Headquarters: New York, NY
Number of job openings: 1,000+
What they're looking for: MetLife is hiring in the areas of information technology, human resources, finance, operations, call center, administration and sales (including individual policies, group, home loans - mortgage and reverse mortgages).

9. United Parcel Service - Shipping
Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
Number of job openings: 3,070
What they're looking for: UPS is hiring part-time package handlers, mechanics, warehouse personnel, sales representatives and information technology professionals.

10. Medco Health Solutions - Healthcare
Headquarters: Franklin Lakes, NJ
Number of job openings: 300+
What they're looking for: One division in particular, Liberty Medical, which serves the needs of patients with diabetes, is hiring for a number of customer service positions.

11. Lowe's - Building
Number of job openings: 7,900
What they're looking for: A variety of jobs are available in corporate, stores and distribution centers. Positions range from seasonal employees in Lowe's stores, to team members in regional distribution centers, to miscellaneous positions in the corporate office.

12. Time Warner - Media
Headquarters: New York, NY
Number of job openings: 480
What they're looking for: Openings posted online include positions in creative, editorial, marketing, media, finance, accounting, graphics design, animation, new media, ad sales, film/television production and programming, administrative, information technology services and online.

13. Supervalu - Retail
Headquarters: Eden Prairie, MN
Number of job openings: 180+
What they're looking for: Corporate positions are available in various departments including advertising, marketing, retail operations, merchandising and finance. In addition, there are open positions in retail stores and supply chain services.

14. Johnson Controls - Industrial
Headquarters: Milwaukee, WI
Number of job openings: 750
What they're looking for: Most oirf the openings are positions related to energy efficiency.

15. GMAC - Finance
Headquarters: Detroit, MI
Number of job openings: 750
What they're looking for: Positions include project managers, mortgage loan officers, underwriters, servicing call center representatives and loan loss mitigators. Additional openings are available in information technology, finance, compliance, risk and treasury.

16. Comcast - Communications Services
Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA
Number of job openings: 1,000
What they're looking for: Comcast is hiring primarily in call center operations, field operations, warehousing and sales.

17. Northrop Grumman - Technology Integration
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Number of job openings: 3,700
What they're looking for: Openings include positions in information technology, engineering, production/manufacturing, supply chain management, program management, product development and administration (including human resources and finance).

18. Coca-Cola - Food/Beverage
Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
Number of job openings: 160
What they're looking for: Coca-Cola is hiring for a variety of different functions on many levels including finance, bottling, retail operations, production and customer service, delivery and food chemistry.

19. New York Life - Insurance
Headquarters: New York, NY
Number of job openings: 3,640
What they're looking for: Positions are available in accounting, actuarial, auditing, customer support, information technology, investment management, legal, life insurance and annuity products, product development and strategy, sales and underwriting.

20. Aetna - Insurance
Headquarters: Hartford, CT
Number of job openings: 550
What they're looking for: The majority of openings are in customer service, claims and health care, including nurses.

21. Motorola - Communcations Technology
Number of job openings: 520
What they're looking for: Openings are in engineering, sales, finance, marketing and project management.

22. Abbott Laboratories - Healthcare
Headquarters: Abbott Park, IL
Number of job openings: 260+
What they're looking for: Abbott is hiring in sales, legal, information technology, administrative, engineering, clinical research, manufacturing, quality assurance and accounting.

23. General Dynamics - Technology Integration
Headquarters: Falls Church, VA
Number of job openings: 2,365
What they're looking for: General Dynamics is hiring in many areas, but most job opportunities are in technology and manufacturing fields, and include administrative, engineering, design and development and production and installation positions.

24. Prudential Financial - Insurance
Headquarters: Newark, NJ
Number of job openings: 235
What they're looking for: Most openings are in financial, actuarial, market research and analysis, operations and administrative.

25. Humana - Healthcare
Headquarters: Louisville, KY
Number of job openings: 265+
What they're looking for: Humana has openings in sales, nursing, actuarial, finance, project management, information technology, pharmacy, medical, health, insurance, administrative, compliance, communications and legal.

26. Liberty Mutual Insurance Group - Insurance
Headquarters: Boston, MA
Number of job openings: 500+
What they're looking for: Positions are available in finance, nursing, legal, claims and sales.

27. HCA - Healthcare
Headquarters: Nashville, TN
Number of job openings: 9,000
What they're looking for: HCA is hiring registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, clinical technicians and patient care support workers.

28. Sears Holdings - Retail
Number of job openings: 500+
What they're looking for: Sears is hiring in information technology, eCommerce, finance, audit, marketing, brand management, merchandising and distribution. Positions are also available for associates, store managers and in-home technicians.

And the list really does not stop there. You may remember our help wanted details at an additional 20 firms. That research and those positions totalled close to 19,000 employment opportunities. The list goes on.


  1. Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, HQ Warren NJ.. 40 jobs are open.

  2. One of the often overlooked opportunities is at your local Veterans Affairs Medical Centers. Great benefits and job stability. They're almost always hiring, regardless of position.

  3. I think that what you've posted is fairly good news. On the other side of the coin though, most of the jobs are jobs in which you have to have a certain amount of education.
    This just solidifies the idea put forth by Drucker many years ago that we are shifting to a knowledge based workforce.
    What that means is, that for every person who is in an industrial job, they need to evaluate what kind of training and education to get to be able to compete.
    The key to success in the future will be to NEVER STOP LEARNING.
    Tuesday Ramblings

  4. I imagine there are plenty of unskilled jobs available, but then the post would have been criticized for listing lousy jobs that don't pay a "living" wage.

  5. Wow, that is an awful lot of job openings. I appreciate you telling us all about these different chances.


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