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Monday, July 27, 2009

New Home Sales Jump; Supply Plummets; Prices Bouncing

New home sales added to our run of good news in the housing market on Monday. Sales jumped 11.0 percent in June to an annual rate of 384,000 and the highest rate this year -- well above any economists' estimates. In fact the month-to-month percentage change was the highest in nearly 9 years. But the best news in the data was that the strong sales sucked down new home market supply. Supply fell precipitously from 10.2 months in May to 8.8 months in June for the lowest supply reading in 23 months. With the significant supply shrinkage, the total number of new homes now on the market is the lowest in 11 years.

Fishing for something negative, doomsayers continued to point to year over year home price declines. However, when closely examining data for the more recent 4-5 months, it should be no surprise that home prices have bottomed and that in many markets the prices are rebounding.

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