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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Merry Christmas In September - Jobs Outlook Continues to Improve

On Wednesday, two jobs related reports continued to show a labor market on the mend. The Challenger, Grey, and Christmas report showed corporation layoff counts fell sizably in August, to 76,456 versus July's 97,373.

The more closely watched ADP employment report also showed improvement on Wednesday. And Tuesday, the ISM manufacturing report also showed employment improvement for 4 months in a row.

More employment reports (including new jobless claims and overall unemployment) are on the way Thursday and Friday. Don't be surprised if they also point to an improving jobs climate.


  1. GNE,

    It seems like the jobs situation is not improving as fast as one would hope. Do you see this as a sign of further stock market weakness and perhaps a pretty bad September?

  2. These reports mean very little to the person out of work and only presses down on many who are already feeling down. I monitory them every month and the reality is we are still losing jobs... It's up to the individual to be a better job seeker and spend some time learning how to stand out among everyone else competing for the same job.

    Prepare to be Hired is dedicated to providing video learning classes to give job seekers the knowledge they need to search for jobs, present their skills, and interview successfully in today's technology driven hiring environment.

  3. Anonymous,

    At the end of a contraction cycle the labor market is always the last element of the economy to improve. I agree that labor conditions never improve as fast as one would hope, but overall see labor conditions continuing to improve. If anything we are heading into a climate where I would look for a another significant jump up in stock prices, not market weakness.

    I disagree that these reports mean very little to the person out of work. I have personally been there. Staying positive and focusing on good news is extremely important when you are out of work and actively seeking new full time employment. When reports like the Christmas report show that corporate job cutting is now back down to "normal" levels, that's very encouraging news to job seekers... at least it was for me.

    I do agree that it is extremely important for active seekers to learn how to stand out among the crowd... it is a full time sales and marketing job, with you as the product. There is a lot more to it than resume writing, interviewing, and online job applications. They are the most common tools to get you in the door, but getting the offer, and then "closing the deal" is where most job seekers fail.

    If there are those out there that would like me to write more on the mechanics of targeting, marketing, and landing your next job, drop me a note, and I'll write more...



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