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Thursday, December 10, 2009

U.S. Trade Deficit Down; Exports Up

A lower value of the dollar has continued to improve the competitiveness of U.S. exports. That undoubtedly accentuated the decline in October's trade deficit to $32.9B. The decline followed a September deficit of $35.7, which was revised even lower than initial estimates given last month.

In more good news, exports jumped. It was their sixth straight month of increase. The latest figure was quite a bit lower than consensus expectations for a deficit of $37.0B.

But perhaps the best news in Thursday's report is that exports are benefiting from healthy demand abroad. Exports were led by a $1.2 billion up-tick in capital goods in October followed by gains in demand for consumer goods as well as automobiles.

Today's international trade report continues the string of evidence pointing to a strong Q4 GDP.


  1. GNE,

    I note that most of the blogs beneath the title "and there's more" are mostly positive and upbeat, except for Postcards from Capetown, which seems mostly negative about the economy. Do you think this blogger is too negative in his assessment of things?

  2. Yes, although I appreciated some of Postcard articles earlier this year, it indeed has become too negative for me. I have deleted Postcards from the blogroll here.


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