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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Google Earns Nearly $2B in Q4

Google says that the advertising market is beginning to return to normal. And normal for them means close to a $2B quarterly profit.

Their latest earning release also highlighted a 17% year on year growth in revenues -- now up to $6.67B per quarter -- from $5.7B per quarter during the same period in 2008. Chief executive Eric Schmidt continues to make optimistic assessments of the current state of affairs.

"Given that the global economy is still in the early days of recovery, this was an extraordinary end to the year," he said. "Our performance in 2009 underscored the strength of our management team, the resilience of our business model and the pace of innovation within our product and engineering teams, which continued unabated throughout the downturn."

In a sign that consumers are increasingly willing to spend, more Internet users clicked on ads. The number of paid clicks on ads served on Google's Web sites rose 13% from last year and 9% from the third quarter of 2009.


  1. GNE,

    It seems that although the earnings reports were good this week, the markets were stuck on the bank reform plan and the possibility that Bernanke might not be reappointed. Do you see uncertainty and fear driving the market down until the mid-term elections or do you think the market will bounce back?

  2. Bill,

    I suspect that this week will put the bank regulation reforms on the back burner... no doubt Bernanke will be reappointed and any volatility last week was only short term.

    All eyes this will be on initial GDP numbers for q4 which will likely show accelerated growth Q/Q...

  3. Hate to interject with some rather (possibly) unsetting trends but I noticed that the stock market reached a high in January 2, 1973 (1,047) and did not reach that high again for a prolonged period of time til almost a decade later November 8, 1982 (1,031). What has changed so that a repeat of that "lost decade" will not transpire from October 8, 2007 (14,092) til August 27, 2016 (14,031) <----very rough estimate?


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