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Monday, April 5, 2010

U.S. Economy Likely to Net 4M New Jobs in 2010

Employers added 162,000 jobs in March. It was the biggest monthly gain in three years and continues a string of accelerated job growth that began last spring.

The latest report, which marks the third month since November in which payrolls registered a net increase, further punctuates that the labor market is pulling out of the deep downward spiral it was in early 2009.

We've continued to highlight the chart below in the later months of 2009. It details the abrupt turn in jobs trending since the government's stimulus package last April. What is most apparent is that should the positive trend continue, this recovery will have netted over 4M jobs by the end of 2010.


  1. Great news!!! Thanks for posting! I knew the US economy would recover in great fashion. Contrary to what catastrophists might have said in early 2009, USA is a great nation and has a fabulous potential in key areas like Biotechnology, Software Engineering, Medical Informatics, Bioinformatics, IT in general, Higher Education, Entrepreneurial and Business Skills, hi-tech Agriculture, etc. It's a major center of excellence in the referenced realms. :)

  2. Are you guy's kidding? The only jobs being created are for beggars wages, no benifits and seasonal. More and more people will have to become independant contractors/ consultants just to survive. Nothing is manufactured here anymore, thats left for the third world drones. Just keep buying poisonus sheetrock, baby formula and toothpaste from China (the leading country where 80-90 percent of there population lives in squalar. What are the experts going to do when this third world cesspool slides off the map and has to invade some other part of the worl for their critters to live? Oh, I forgot, we're already selling out to them so we'll be changing our flag soon. Its a very said state of affairs.

  3. Anonymous,

    No kidding here. Only good news. Your comments are not based on facts and data. We considered deleting your comment, but have kept it as a perfect example of the type of dialog that occurs without basis or metrics to support claims.

    The data in the article clearly points to a trend that will result in a significant number of quality U.S. jobs by year end and likely into 2011. Additional data captured in this blog shows that indeed it is US manufacturing that is leading this growth engine. (See articles that highlight the ISM reports over the last year)

    Your comments are baseless, biased, and in our judgement steeped in prejudices, not facts.


  4. I disagree with anon, as I see a bright future for the economy:

    * Real Estate prices may have bottomed (Moody's Commercial Property Index )

    * Commodities and equities markets are improving.

    * World shipping indexes have improved since the beginning of 2009.

    * Corporations are finally posting healthy revenues.

    Employment has always been a lagging indicator and this recessionary cycle is behaving very much like others from the past.

    As for manufacturing, the US has progressed from an agrarian, to manufacturing, to a service based economy. Its only part of the evolution of any industrialized economy.

    We had a very disproportionate economy over the last few years with certain sectors in the midst of a bubble. This recession, as with others, will realign resources to more viable sectors. It will mean restructuring and short term pain, but it will mean more opportunities and a stronger future.


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