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Monday, June 7, 2010

Hiring Expected To Improve in 23 of 36 Countries

Hiring Intentions in Europe are Also Up

According to Reuters and Manpower Inc. reports, employers in most of the global economy are more likely to add workers than three months ago, including those in the United States. Significant gains in economies like Brazil, India and China are also likely according to the surveys.

Manpower Inc. is considered one of the leading surveyors of employment demand. They report that the employment recovery will continue in most of the world. The company said Tuesday its seasonally adjusted forecast for the third quarter was now up over its second quarter forecast. Its forecast a year ago was negative.

The firm surveys over 18,000 U.S. hiring managers and measures the difference between those managers who say they will add to their workforce and those managers who plan cuts. "We'll go into the third quarter and see more of what we saw in the second -- no doubt improved BLS numbers...," Manpower Chief Executive Jeff Joerres was quoted saying on Tuesday.

Beyond the U.S. the survey covers a total of 82 countries including hot markets in Brazel, India, and China covering a grand total 61,000 manager interviews. The most recent surveys reveal positive employment prospects in 23 of 36 countries and all but four are higher than a year ago.

In Latin America, most Brazil employers anticipate adding jobs in Q3. And in Mexico an improving environment is also expected -- especially in manufacturing and mining.

Surprisingly in Europe, employers in all of the larger economies like France, Germany and the United Kingdom also expect to add workers over the next three months despite talk of a "crisis."
More employers than last quarter also expect to increase hiring in Central European economies, as well as in Spain, Sweden, Austria and Belgium.

"We've been seeing really no change in our business since the Greek credit crisis of a month ago," Joerres said.


  1. Can you comment on the continuing decline in the ECRI index, which seemed to be a good predictor of the end of the recession last year? It would seem, at a minimum, to be telling us that growth will slow considerably in the months to come.

  2. Bill,

    Yes, I agree that the ECRI index is a great one to watch. It is however only one of a number of indicators that I follow... I think it is a bit early to say that "growth will slow considerably" based solely on the ECRI... There are a number of other indicators that continue to predict just the opposite.


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