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Monday, July 5, 2010

Earnings For S&P 500 Firms Still Increasing

Earnings for members of the Standard & Poor's 500 are expected to increase another 27% from a year earlier and their associated revenues are seen to also rise -- perhaps another 9%, said Thomson Reuters last week. Actual earnings season for Q2, begins shortly...

In the first quarter of 2010, S&P 500 firms' earnings increased 57%. It was the second quarter in a row that the S&P 500 recorded earnings growth. If the predictions are correct, it will represent three quarters in a row of year over year increases. Those increases follow a record nine straight quarters of year-over-year declines prior to that.

Industry sectors like materials, energy, information technology and consumer discretionary segments are all predicted to have very healthy earnings growth rates.


  1. What is your take on the poor showing from the Empire State and Phily Fed reports? It would seem as though the economy will slow down quite a bit for the second half. Do you agree?

  2. Bill,

    Keep in mind that the index is measuring activity about a month ago. I would speculate at this point a reaction to the European news back then. As I mentioned then, that "crisis" is now past, and I would expect a return to activity levels that we saw two and three months ago.



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