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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The 25 Best "Economic Good News" Articles of 2009

As we ring in the New Year here are the top Good News Headlines of 2009.

1. Graphs That Lie (A First Look 1974 vs 2008 Stock Behavior)

2. What was Warren Buffet doing in 1974? (Invest Now and Get Rich)

3. John Cassidy (The Eternal Pessimist) Sees The Light

4. Deflation? NOT!

5. Evidence Points To Recession's End by July

6. ISM Index Turns Northward (and never looked back)

7. The Stimulus Passes (and naysayers still abound)

8. The Bull Market Move (will leave many in the dust)

9. 101 Economic Positives (the first 101 of 2009!)

10. Corporate Layoffs Subside (substantially)

11. Stock Market Bottom Called Three Days Before the Low

12. This time is NOT Different

13. 50,000+ Job Opportunites In 28 Firms

14. The Recession is Over (In June - NBER will confirm later)

15. Homeowners Cheer LIBOR (And the cheering continues today)

16. Home Prices Up (in a dozen cities and counting)

17. Second Half Growth (coming on strong)

18. Clunkermania

19. Bad News Bears Battle Break-Neck Bounce (and the bears continue to retreat)

20. US Job Growth Likely By Christmas

21. UPS and Fedex add 64,000 Workers

22. FedEx Reports Jump in Package Deliveries

23. Texas Adds Nearly 70,000 Jobs

24. Nasdaq Now Up Nearly 75% From 2009 Low

25. Christmas Week Data Points to Rosy 2010

Happy New Year to All!

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