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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mainstream Media: Finally Some Positives

The mainstream media does have a role in how quickly we recover from this recession. Up until last week they continued with all the overblown extremes of gloom pouring gasoline on the negativity firestorm.

But we have now reached the point in this cycle that the public has had enough. How can you tell? Because the grassroots outcry in the last week has finally been heard. Where? Check out these recent headlines...

From NPR:
Optimism Boosts Florida Housing Market
"Sales are picking up and the inventory is going down." (Full Story)

NBC anchor says request for positive stories has hit ‘incredible nerve’
NBC's Brian Williams was "shocked at the thousands of responses he has received in less than two days after asking viewers to suggest some good news to report." (Full Story)

Company shares $9 million with employees

One Boulder Colorado worker: 'We're fortunate to have great bosses' (Full Story)

From CNBC:
They're Hiring: Where The Jobs Are

"Many employers across the country are actually hiring." (Fully Story)

Consumers Start Spending Again
"Some economists say the worst may be over for consumer spending." (Full Story)

From Fortune:
Jobs data speaks of a bottom
"The loss rate has stopped accelerating, indicating a possible turnaround."
(Full Story)

From CBS News:
Ben Stein to Charles Osgood
"Economic health is determined by Supply of Money and the Velocity with which it is moved."
(Full Story)

And in another interesting twist last week, a new Facebook group formed and is adding members at an unheard of clip. The new group is "10,000 to Tell the Media to Stop Inciting More Fear and Panic!" and is open to any Facebook member wishing to join.

Did you stop counting at 101 positives? Anyone else keeping score?
Looks like Good News continues on a roll...

(Thanks to the following faithful readers who submitted several of these stories: Esther Jane, John C, and Ralphm37 of Tuesday Ramblings)


  1. Thanks for the great work in finding a bit of balance. Your regular readers might also be interested in a similar effort being made on the other side of the world:


  2. Peter,

    Great! I've just linked to this blog in the "And there's more" section below...


  3. I joined that Facebook group last week. I commend you GNE on your efforts--I know you have instrumental in the positive vibe starting (albeit slowly) to resonate.

  4. Positive signal for all.
    Great and useful for this current financial position.


  5. Here's another 'positive' story....from CNBC??


  6. Finally...

    Some positive news about the economy! Fantastic idea for a blog. Thanks!



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