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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Recession-Proof Jobs

Despite the news of job losses and unemployment numbers, there is indeed strong employment opportunity in selected parts of this economy. In fact several industry segments have actually continued to add jobs throughout this whole recession. Indeed the jobs data shows bright spots — expanding industries that promise new, stable career opportunities.

•Health care. Hiring has continued non-stop at hospital, medical clinics and doctors' offices. Jobs in demand: nurses, lab technicians, physician assistants.

•Government. Cities, counties and school districts continue to add a great number of jobs -- seven times as many as the federal government. Jobs in demand: educators, police, firefighters and workers connected to infrastructure such as roads.

• Energy. Oil, gas, coal and electricity production have kept adding jobs, although the pace has slowed since energy prices declined last year. City utility jobs have also continued to increase.

According to BLS data, about 4.4 million people got hired into new jobs in January, and 3 million more openings were available. Granted, those numbers are down sharply from the start of the recession, but don't let anyone tell you there are "no jobs."

More broadly these charts show the last several year's actual job growth and Moody's Economy.com's forecasted job growth for 2009-12.

With corporations scaling back their layoffs significantly, you can see from the charts when those companies actually begin to contribute to renewed job growth again.


  1. Just wanted to add a small tip on creating a recession proof career. It would be a good idea to plan out your career or business by considering government contracting. This is a very lucrative financial opportunity that can help you stabilize financially and increase your income flow if it is done the right way.

    If this is something that you are interested in to put an end to your financial worries, get yourself registered with the Central Contractor Registry which is a federal clearing house for vendors and small businesses too. Also identify a product or service that you can supply to the government and which the government needs in order to get a contract.

    You can win such billion dollar contracts and secure your career or business better even during this phase of recession.

  2. What about Commissioned based sales reps? (more specifically, Pharamaceutical Sales reps?).

  3. Insurance, Pharamaceutical and just about any commission based sales position is extremely recession resistant.

    The reality is that a business doesn't need to pay you if you don't make the sale. On the contrary, if you do make the sale during a recession, they'll be more than happy to give you the commission check and say "keep doin what your doing."

    Commission based sales is indeed a recession proof career. If you are successful at it is about the best recession proof job available.

  4. The gov't bit is wrong, esp in cities with major deficits, like NYC.

    In NYC there's a hiring freeze in the entire public school system (as well as the Catholic School System, the major private competitor), the FDNY hasn't had a class in months (and may not have one at all for the foreseeable future). MTA is facing catastrophic cuts as well.

    Also, many people in sales jobs (esp in real estate and retail) are dying because consumer spending is poor and real estate confidence and mortaggaes are harder to get.

  5. Knowing the current situation of our economy is very crucial. We have to be vigilant as to secure jobs. I hope for a very soon recovery from recession.


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