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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekly Weekend Roundup

Consumer Pessimism Receding; Investors' Confidence Up
Consumer and investor optimism is rising again. The majority of economists were wrong as most were expecting the consumer sentiment index to fall during the month. (Full Story)

More Strong Recovery Signs
Our list of positives is growing and Thursday saw some extremely positive recovery signs. (Full Story)

Remember 1979: Is This Time Different?
In 1974 and 1975 the majority was wrong about any positive prospects for the US economy. How about 1979? (Full Story)

The Tipping Point and Good News Matches

The rally in stocks on Tuesday was significant. Have we reached a tipping point? Perhaps. And here is why. (Full Story)

Positive News on the Radio -- Tuesday 1:20p CDT
Listen to one of our very own positive economic news bloggers, Barry Lauterwasser of Positive Economic News is doing a radio spot. (Full Story)

Mainstream Media: Finally Some Positives

The mainstream media does have a role in how quickly we recover from this recession. Up until last week they continued with all the overblown extremes of gloom pouring gasoline on the negativity firestorm. But this week was finally different. (Full Story)


  1. At present,we're getting some positive news.
    Finance in uptrend.
    It's good for all.
    Insurance Agent

  2. Bendz,

    Yes indeed much of the news this week was good for all. And no doubt more is on the way.



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