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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Add Japan to the Q3 Growth Column

Rapidly growing neighbors as well as government stimulus programs helped Japan return to growth much more quickly than any had expected. Japan's Q3 growth surged sharply at a 4.8% annualized clip. It was Japan's second consecutive quarter of growth -- accelerating from the 2.7% annualized rate of Q2.

The good news for Japan early Monday comes on the heals of solid growth reports from the U.S. and Europe where GDPs have also started expanding again. Japan's report adds additional creditably to the notion suggesting a broad global recovery is solidly under way.

The news will likely add fresh rally fuel to Wall Street for its open on Monday as Y/Y stock market gains continue to shine.


  1. GNE,

    Can you explain why the dollar keeps dropping after we get good economic news? Is it something to worry about?

  2. Anonymous,

    Here is a great article on the subject that I read last week:
    Five Reasons Why the Dollar Could Keep Falling...

    I agree with the points articulated there...

    Keep in mind as stock in companies becomes more and more attractive why would one hold dollars or Treasuries?

    Once the Fed begins to be less accommodating and begins to raise rates again, the dollar will no doubt rise... but for now it will continue to fall.

    Worry? Well if you have all your investments in dollars or cash, then yes. If you are properly diversified, then no.



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