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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Good News Economist Blog Turns One

What a year it has been. Today marks the one year anniversary of the Good News Economist Blog. And it truly has been all about you -- the reader.

With nearly 250 positive stories, collectively you've read over 150,000 pages of good news in the last 12 months -- amidst the constant drumbeat of gloom and doom elsewhere.

Based on your reading interest, here are this year's, top 10 stories:

1. Recession is Over: Positive Economic Data Abounds 3458 pageviews

So Happy Birthday to you. Keep reading and commenting. Another 12 months of good news is on its way.


  1. Happy Birthday, GNE!

    You really helped a lot of us keep our "sanity" -- and maintain a healthy perspective -- in the face of a relentless media torrent of doom and gloom. And the GNE.com perspective is turning out to be a lot more spot-on than the mainstream media. (The reason why Warren Buffett and Bill Gates got to where they are today is because they knew how to turn off the mainstream media hysteria!)

  2. Thanks Joe,

    Onward and upward...


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