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Monday, December 14, 2009

Feasting on Dead Cat

And what a dead cat bounce it has been so far.

Since March the bull market run has continued swift and steep leaving many in the dust. On Monday the Dow plowed ahead and closed up 3,954 points higher than its low in March.

For those with the guts to invest with Warren Buffet early in the year, they have seen their portfolio now up over 60%. And it appears that the markets are just getting warmed up.

Despite high unemployment, consumers seem to be in a merry mood this year. As they look to 2010, they see a jobs picture improving and an economy that seems to be back on track.

Perhaps this is just a dead cat bounce. But it is doubtful that many have seen a deceased feline bounce this high this fast...

(Click to enlarge chart)


  1. GNE,

    What's your take on the inflation debate and whether the FED needs to tighten quickly?

  2. As most numbers still indicate, inflation is largely contained. Using history as a guide, the FED should be very slow to tighten. A quick reactionary tightening almost always leads to discouraging business innovation climate. I'd say this time they will error on the side of allowing a bit more inflation and not be too quick to raise rates... from past experience, that's the best mix.


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