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Friday, January 2, 2009

Asia Likely to Lead the US Markets Higher...

Are you ready for 2009? Asia's investors were ready to go.

After the close of the first full trading day of 2009, Asian stock markets have started their 2009 mostly higher. (Looks like Singapore and Hong Kong indexes will be up close to 4%)

Although trading was light, it was interesting to note that Asian commodities traders were most active. Buyers were placing those safe bets on tangibles beaten way down last year.

It also looks like the US market futures are rising, so you can expect that for those traders active in the US tomorrow, they will be buying.

It will be particularly interesting to watch the four stocks that the Moltey Fools have been plugging since New Years Eve. They label them the "bluest of the blue chips." They used their readers to hand pick the four from a shopping list of 14 other candidates.

As professional fund managers look to put a stake in the ground for their 2009 annual returns, they'd be fools not to remember that the time is ripe to do some "bottom feeding."

Why not start feeding on some of those chips that are bluer than blue?

The Asian commodity buyers have led the way.

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