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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Q4 Trifecta Pays $6.2B

The Apple (AAPL) results are in. As expected (if you've been reading here), Apple was the third in the trilogy of players reporting "unexpected" profits during this earnings season.

Last week we saw Intel (INTC) positioned by the pundits to falter. No faltering there.

Earlier this week IBM was also expected by many to disappoint. Instead, a dose of market reality.

And now, the Trifecta is complete. AAPL blows away most analysts' expectations. You'll remember that these earnings are in Q4 2009...

Chart Source: Google Finance

So all three companies have now reported from the track. The results of the first race are in:
Billions in Earnings. Very limited job losses. "Expect a bright 2009."

Their financial teams have seen the leading indicators and are ready to focus on innovation, growth, and profits.

Are you ready to take that bet?

(Tomorrow we'll look at significant jobs creation initiatives. There are specifics behind what the congress/obama is proposing. The wise jurisdictions already have plans in place. We'll have a look at three exciting ones. If you have a good news story send it to good.news.econ@gmail.com)

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