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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

101 Economic Positives

Back in early Feb you read that good news was now on a roll...

Well, don't just take it from me. I can't keep up now with all the positives being posted out there...

In fact in just 30 minutes tonight, I'm up to 101...

Check out ten on the The Calafia Beach Pundit's List:

1. Commodity Prices Stabilizing

2. TED spread decline

3. Rise in T-bill yields

4. The dollar is not collapsing

5. Swap spreads have declined significantly

6. Shipping rates have bounced

7. Agency spreads are down

8. Consumer Loans are Up

9. Total Bank Lending is Up

10. Treasury bond yields are up

Nice Job Scott.

Or check this out from Irwin Kellner, chief economist for MarketWatch. He provides 21 reasons that the worst of the recession may be behind us.

Nice Job Irwin.

Or have a look at these seven indicators.

Nice Job Mark.

In a super surprise today, CNNMoney actually headlined the one positive piece of news in their story. Even though the story didn't point to all good news, they pulled the positive piece to headline!

Nice Job CNN.

And there are ten more positive economic headlines here.

Nice Job Barry.

You'll find 29 recent positive economic stories here.

Nice Job Fisher.

You'll find three more interesting ones here.

Nice Job Geri.

And several more on the housing market recovery, here, here and here.

Nice Job Dr. Perry.

And five recent reasons for economic optimism posted here.

Nice Job Mark.

And of course let's not leave out the dozen or so bounces that we've already tallied... and our count today stands at 101.

Perhaps some of the stories report duplicate data, but the fact remains that there is a tremendous uptick in good news reporting. You may just observe that some type of tipping point is upon us.

Who knows what tomorrow might bring.


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