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Thursday, February 26, 2009

101 Reasons Plus 9 Optimists

Yesterday you saw the list of 101 positives on the current economy. Most of the data on that list came from economists, financial forecasters or other media outlets. Today let's turn our attention to "main street." The everyday optimists who are only willing to look on the bright side.

The stories and associated links come directly from the CNNMoney feature "We are doing just fine!"  Let's applaud them for printing such stories...

1. Dawn Skwirut: "Refocus on what's important, like spending time together."

2. Gwen Brandenburg: "Use the crisis to create a clean slate."

3. Brandi Shigley: "Do what you love, and love what you do."

4. Brandon and Heather Loveridge: "Start a Debt Snowball."

5. Sharon and Don Wilson: "Focus on how much you save, not how much you earn."

6. Michael Kirk: "Let change create opportunity."

7. Dan and Carol Catlin: "Invest in lowering your energy dependency."

8. Robert Crumpler: "Live small and keep investing."

9. Robert Stadnik: "Train in a stable profession."

These 9 examples show us that the optimistic American spirit is alive and well. As you know it is a choice we get to make each and every day. And many times even the most stubborn of pessimists finally change their minds.


  1. Thank you for doing this. It's just what I'd been thinking about doing, under a slogan I should trademark:
    (Hey, it beats WIN - Whip Inflation Now;-)
    If bad news feeds on itself - can good news? I sure hope so. Pray so, in fact.

  2. Sounds great Barney...

    I absolutely believe that good news feeds on itself... unfortunately stats show that it takes more good news to outweigh the bad... so go for it my friend... the more folks we have spreading the good news the better... one of the best ways to spread the good news is via any social network that you might be a part of ... facebook is the big one these days... if you see an article you like, click on the share button and choose your network (like facebook) and share the article with all your friends via you wall, etc...

    Thanks Barney.



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