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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

70,000 Job Openings (And Still Counting)

Thanks to all of you readers for your help today to compile some staggering jobs numbers.

Yesterday we embarked on a research project to find current job openings. We started with 21 firms (with 18,839 open positions) and now we're up to data from 100 of them. (All Fortune 1000)

The bottom line. These 100 firms are collectively recruiting right now to fill over 70,000 positions.

The working spreadsheet is available via google docs here. (or I'd be glad to email it to any of you who want to join the effort.) Most of this primary data is taken directly from each company's web job board.

Remember this: Job losses are a lagging indicator. Those losses tell us where the economy has been, not where it is going. This on-going project gives us a good snapshot of where companies plan to go in the future. Those firms who retrench, cower, and fail to invest: they will be bowled over by these firms that are actively hiring. But for the companies listed above with vision and guts, they realize that right now is the time to retool and then (re)invest in the future plans of their firms.

(Is there a statistician out there who can tell us when we have enough of a representative sampling of the Fortune 1000, so that we can then extrapolate and have a relatively decent estimate of the total open positions across all the Fortune 1000?)

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  1. Of course Lockheed Martin and IBM are hiring - they just scored a fat stimulus from their best customer.


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