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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some Hopeful Shovel Ready Projects

"...we have chosen hope over fear, and unity of purpose over conflict..." -Barack Obama, Jan 20, 2009

Obama has proposed spending billions of federal dollars on infrastructure projects nationwide to boost the economy. The specific directions of the program have not been fully determined, so it is too soon to say exactly which projects might get funded. However, the new administration hints that preference is given to those plans that are "shovel-ready" -- those starting the moment that funding is approved.  Those that will generate new jobs quickly and at the same time advance our nation's future.

Here are several of those hopeful projects.  It seems that they have tremendous potential to give something back for your hard-earned taxpayer investment:

A $84 million plans to continue improvements of Louisiana's interstate interchanges in high congestion areas. The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development presented an eight-page document outlining the plans to the new administration. The plan states the programs could be underway in 180 days or less and completed within two years.

Much light rail planning in Colorado is now complete after years of study. A massive plan to extend rail to Denver's Northern suburbs has significant popular support, but pragmatically stalled because of the system's price tag. Officials have been waiting to get started on the build until they could raise close to $1B in private capital. $1B in stimulus funding "could allow construction of the train to DIA and other FasTracks projects" to begin this quarter.

But one of the most impressive shovel ready plans is born in the City of Angels. Los Angeles is initiating "Solar LA." The program is the largest solar project undertaken by any single city in the world. It lays out a swift action plan to create a 1.3 gigawatt solar network of residential, commercial and municipally-owned solar systems. According to the plans, every 10 megawatts (MW) of new solar potentially has the effect of creating 200 to 400 jobs. These "green-collar" jobs are associate with research and development, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and repair.

The multi-billion dollar plan, lays out a four phase approach between now and 2020. The 
majority of the plan’s power (500 MW) will come from private facilities in the Mojave Desert...

You've listened to 100 billion dollar bailout plans for the elite banks. Amidst that backdrop, it's very good news to see concrete plans such as those listed here under consideration for our stimulus dollar.

With respect to "Unity of Purpose,"  it's time to get started, now.


  1. I'm liking the sound of the Solar LA project & & Yes- more Green Collar jobs is the way to go. Nice Post!

  2. Hydrogen fuel cells (powered by natural gas) have huge potential. Honda's one step ahead of the game with their home fueling station (Google it; it's pretty awesome).

    Natural gas in, hydrogen, electricity and heat out. Heat can be used to heat the house and hot water, electricity can feed the house, the plug-in car and the grid and hydrogen can feed the car as well. The best part is the infrastructure's already in place (natural gas).

    Stimulate the economy, get the price of new technology down and end our dependence on oil at the same time... Could there be a better destination for the stimulus funds???

  3. Good Job . You seem to have a really good knowledge in your domain . Hope you would improve even more.


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